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At InSight Vision Therapy, our mission is to develop and improve our patients' lifelong visual function

Our doctor provides thorough binocular vision and visual-perceptual evaluations in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. We are the only exclusive Vision Therapy specialty practice in Southern Oregon, and we look forward to diagnosing and treating patients with binocular vision and visual-neurological conditions.


A passion for Vision Therapy and changing patients' lives

Dr. Carter’s interest in vision therapy started in optometry school. During her fourth year, she interned at Lifetime Eyecare, a vision therapy practice in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Carter had the experience of watching patients learn and improve week after week in therapy. After graduating from optometry school, she worked part-time in a private practice with the intent to grow a vision therapy specialty. During this time, she took the 5-part, 100-hour Sanet seminar in San Diego to learn about how to effectively change lives with vision therapy. The following year, she had her first child and took a five-year break from vision therapy.

After joining Central Point Eyecare in 2012, she started seeing patients for therapy again. Since then, the practice grew to the point of hiring and training a vision therapist. With a growing waiting list and limited space for therapy, she decided it was time to open a specialty office dedicated to vision therapy.

InSight Vision Therapy opened in August 2016. Since then, Dr. Carter’s dream of creating a specialty office has been realized. The practice has expanded, particularly in the areas of sensory processing, adults with strabismus and amblyopia, and rehabilitation from neurological conditions. The staff at InSight Vision Therapy attend continuing education seminars multiple times per year. In April 2018, Dr. Carter received her Fellowship of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD), the culmination of a year’s worth of studying, writing papers and examinations. This FCOVD designates expertise in the areas of visual development, visual information processing and binocular vision disorders.

Meet the staff


Dr. Joanna Carter

Doctor of Optometry

Mr. Nate

Vision Therapist

Mr. Nate

Nate has traveled all around the United States throughout his homeschooling years, but has lived a majority of his time here in Southern Oregon. He studied emergency medical care in college, and worked with a local television station, assisting in production and editing departments. Nate is a responder in the International ALERT Academy based in Big Sandy, Texas, and he is known to break unexpectedly into song, on rare occasion.

His favorite part of vision therapy is working with the patient to expand the boundaries of their perceptual and physical abilities.


Miss Amanda

Vision Therapist

Miss Amanda

Amanda grew up here in the Rogue Valley and graduated from South Medford high school. She attended college at Northwest University in Kirkland WA, where she studied music education. After college, she decided to apply her love of teaching and helping kids in a more physical setting, and spent the better part of 10 years as a gymnastic/dance coach. While working with the younger kids, she became very interested in early childhood development. This led her to help design and run a program that gave kids the opportunity to develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as providing the environment to grow emotionally and socially.

Amanda left coaching in 2016 to be an optometric technician. She loved the challenge of learning something new and completely different, but she missed working with and helping kids. She is so excited to be part of the InSight Vision Therapy team and feels this is a great blend of her background and skills.

Amanda has one daughter, Evy. Together, they love baking, painting, various arts and crafts, and going to the theater (especially musical theater).


Mr Tanner

Vision Therapist

Mr Tanner

Tanner was born and raised in Northern Nevada. In high school, he spent most of his after-school hours at the local swimming pool, where he taught swimming lessons. He volunteered some free time at the local Boys and Girls Club. He graduated from Churchill County High School in Fallon, Nevada in 2013.

Upon graduation, Tanner left Nevada for the Pacific Northwest. Tanner started his journey in Ashland, where he studied psychology at Southern Oregon University. Tanner is grateful for the enormous change in perspective he encountered since relocating. He took his first job after graduation here at Insight Vision Therapy.

Tanner spends his free time at the gym, watching sports, cooking, or reading. Tanner is a vocal pluviophile, a lover of rain. He enjoys being a Vision Therapist, especially seeing the changes that his patients go through after months of hard work.

From our Patients

  • Zachary

    Sensory Processing Disorder

    Dr. Carter was always so upbeat, caring and really worked hard to connect with Zachary and incorporate ideas that would work well with his sensory issues.  She had to be creative and figure out how to motivate him when this was not a pleasant task for him. 


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