Young boy having difficulty doing shoolwork


Vision problems can lead to reading & learning issues, even with 20/20 vision.

Young girl affected by Strabismus


We provide a non-invasive, therapeutic approach to treating these conditions.

Brain locations colored differently


From light sensitivity to poor memory, vision problems are common after brain injury.

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Dizziness and imbalance may be signs of a visual problem.

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Understanding Vision

Vision is much more than 20/20 eye sight. Good functional vision involves clarity of vision along with the following:

  • Focusing – changing focus near to far, or maintaining near focus for extended periods of time
  • Eye tracking – accurate movement of the eyes, which is essential in reading and sports
  • Binocular vision – eye-teaming: both eyes pointing together at the correct place in space
    • Double vision is a condition that is often overlooked, but can cause serious avoidance of near work (reading)!
    • Strabismus, or an eye turn, is a binocular vision problem which can be treated with vision therapy
    • Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is also a binocular vision problem which can be treated with vision therapy
  • Visual perception – a big category that includes the following:
    • Visual discrimination, or “just noticeable differences”
    • Visual memory
    • Visual sequential memory – remembering a series of objects, letters or numbers
    • Visual figure ground – such as hidden pictures, or finding an object in a busy room, or even attending to the teacher when the room is full of distractions
    • Visual closure – seeing part of the information and inferring the rest of it
  • Body knowledge – understanding where I am in space
  • Bilateral integration – coordinated movement of both sides of the body
  • Space awareness – understanding where things are in space
  • Eye-hand coordination – letting vision guide your movement, which is essential for proper handwriting and sports activities
  • Vestibular / balance – helping the visual system be the “top dog” of the vestibular triad, which helps with motion sickness, car sickness and head injury rehabilitation

What Our Patients Say

Testimonial from VT Grad, M.W., posing next to our graduation handprint canvas

Great improvements!

This graduate had 20/20 vision yet still struggled to read. Like many children, his reading challenges involved both visual and auditory components. His visual system showed great improvements (he can catch a ball now!) and now he’s working on the auditory piece.

MW Vision therapy graduate 2020 April 13, 2021

Testimonial from VT Grad, J.B., while holding her graduation certificate

Hard work pays off!

Can we be honest? Vision Therapy is sometimes hard work. And we understand that! Here is a patient who was making improvements in VT, but after a while, she was burning out. She returned after a 4-month break, and since then we’ve seen HUGE changes in confidence and memory!! Her mom says she “can follow directions better, read better, has an easier time with a lot of things.” Congrats to this hard-working graduate!!

JB Vision therapy graduate 2020 April 13, 2021

Testimonial from VT Grad, T.F.

I have my son back!

“Of all the providers he’s seen, I feel you’ve had the greatest impact on his recovery. I have my son back!” This young man suffered a concussion last fall, followed by debilitating headaches. It took three appointments to complete his initial evaluation because his headaches came on so hard & fast. His parents wondered if he would ever recover. Over time, he was able to read for 20 minutes. Now, he can do 4 hours of school & computer without a headache! His mom and I both struggled to hold back tears at his graduation today.

TF Vision therapy graduate 2020 April 13, 2021

Testimonial from VT Grad, D.G., holding her graduation certificate.

Three Cheers!

Three cheers for our latest VT graduate!! After a concussion, she was having difficulty focusing and remembering sequences of numbers. Now she says, “my visual memory has increased and I am able to trust my memory more. I have more control over my vision.” Horray!!

DG Vision therapy graduate 2020 April 13, 2021

Testimonial from VT Grad, R.T., with friends

Straight eyes all the time!

So much cuteness! This patient graduated from vision therapy last year, and today his eyes are doing even better than when he finished therapy! Dr. Carter will be presenting his case study at AMFECCO in México next month. Before surgery, his eyes turned in. After surgery, they turned out. Now they are straight all the time!!

RT Vision therapy graduate 2020 April 13, 2021