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We take our time to understand the history of each patient and how the eyes, brain, and body work together.

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Vision therapy develops and enhances the eye-brain-body connection and improves binocular vision.

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Virtual reality therapy, primitive reflex integration, and syntonic phototherapy.

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This is so encouraging!

I have noticed that I am a little bit more aware of the periphery, mostly when outside in the garden, which is a lovely way to start. I am not running my hand on the wall in the hallway, right side like I was doing more than I realized.  I was aware of doing that or having my hand out to right in public places. or getting clipped to the right.  this is so encouraging.  I am 3 years post-MVA so even though I am worlds better, I am aware of what is still problematic.  I am encouraged about the possibilities in vision therapy to help with other sensory issues.

Traumatic Brain Injury March 25, 2021